A Day in the Life of Mo

A glimpse into my son Mo’s day…

So, this is how he gets up everyday, super cheerful and super happy, the reaction above is brought by raising the curtains slowly.

Mo couldn’t stop playing with his dad’s chain, so he eventually removed it and gave it to him!

It was a chilled out Friday, and he has most fun sitting at his favourite spot outside the bathroom and occasionally checking himself out in the reflection of the cupboard.

His uncle came in to say hello..

And they ended up fighting!

Breakfast was a messy affair, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the camera.

All that food tired him out and mister went to bed to take a nap.

Cuddle time with Papa

Crazy play time with uncle.

Bath time fun with my toys

Let’s try and get out of the tub on my own

Chilling in his den

Loves his milk time

Helped Dadi make some rotis

Did a bit of shopping for himself at the mall

Back home wondering where all the light is coming from.

Papa taking a breather

Changing into my night clothes – oh what a task!

Little bit of fun before we hit the bed

Good Night!