Documenting our Friday Morning

A Day in the Life of….

It was the usual Friday morning with the kids being up by 7am and ready to rock and roll. It was also one of those emotional mornings where I got up with a thought in my head that my kids are just growing up too soon. The immediate action to that thought was to reach out for my camera and document everything that I was seeing. Tears, laughter, dirty diapers, tantrums, unreasonable demands, want of simple things, kisses, hugs and so much more. I couldn’t keep up.

I was observing more than I normally would and nothing was getting me annoyed or worked up. Everything looked and felt great. All I wanted to do was make memories, capture hidden moments and soak it all in as it happens.

Hundreds of photos were made on this day, here I am posting a few.

As you can see the father is more than capable of taking care of those bad hair days!

Uncle Loving

Fridays are for channelising our inner zen with the Tibet singing bowl

This image just gives me pure joy. The mood is relaxed, Z is bouncing away on her uncle’s lap and Mo is busy trying to capture all of that on his Mamma’s film camera 🙂 It puts an instant smile on my face.

They are busy watching Life of Pi. The scene that has them so enthralled is the one where Pi is staring into the ocean when hundreds of jellyfish light up and a whale swims up and takes a giant leap. (Watch here)

Mo gets a relaxing massage from Uncle and Z

And he doesn’t stop at that, he makes sure that the kids give him a good foot rub!

It wasn’t all fun and games for us, we were taught a few yoga poses by these cute monkeys

A little Hide n Seek

Our little cleaner

This image and the one below is a silent face off between father and daughter which resulted in the third image of Z finally breaking down and hugging her Papa